The Etherian Weekly Slack/Gitter Update: 2.5.2017-2.12.2017

Hi everyone, this is the first post of our weekly update. It is short and meant to highlight our vision–in order to complete the full list of dapps we wish to cover we need more volunteers. Please head over to and help us out. The following is the list of dapps we have compiled (it’s incomplete and in no particular order, we would love if you could add to it for us!) and the current volunteers that are responsible for covering them.

List of Dapps/Channels:
1) Akasha -@truewavebreak
2) Digix -@MrNebbiolo
3) Colony -@jarredchase__twitter
4) uPort – @MrNebbiolo
5) Augur – @truewavebreak
6) Status -@jarredchase__twitter
7) Swarm
8) ENS
9) Mist
10) Light Client
11) Weifund
12) Maker
13) Raiden/RaidEx
14) Gnosis
15) Golem
16) Branche
17) Firstblood
18) Mysterium
19) MediaPool
20) WeTrust
21) Melonport
22) Iconomi
23) SingularDTV
24) UJO Music
25) Ether-Delta
26) EtherEx
27) Rouleth/Blockjack
28) bchat
29) imToken
30) blocktix
31) Etherisc
32) go-ethereum
33) btcrelay
34) solidity
35) truffle
36) FundRequest
37) Decentralized Capital
38) Benefactory
39) CharityDAO
40) Mainstreet/Intellisys
41) Aragon

Weekly Update 2.5.2017-2.12.2017

AKASHA – Social Media Network
Blog Post – The Tipping Pot –
Slack –
The 0.4.0 release is available for download from

  • You are able to tip people, whisper in chatrooms, silence notifications from users, enter and edit your content showing the previous versions, comment on threads and more.

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @truewavebreak for his contribution!)

AugurPrediction Market
Weakly Update – The Augur Report –
Slack –

  • Temporarily moved Augur endpoints to their private chain ( Ropsten appears to be under attack.
  • Discussions about the complexity of have a ongoing prediction market for an ongoing even such as share prices and the incremental cost of roll-overs if the price doesn’t move by the set date.
  • Berkeley based legal tech startup is hoping to use Augur’s prediction markets internally to predict legal outcomes.

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @truewavebreak for his contribution!)

Colony – Collaboration Tool

  • Colony Beta Overview –
  • Full detail of the Colony governance protocol will be forthcoming in a long, detailed, technical whitepaper around April.
  • If you have a use for Colony, email explaining how you would use Colony and ask for access to the beta. They are ~4-6 weeks out from release and only taking on a small handful of teams with specific needs.

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @jarredchase__twitter  for his contribution!)

Digix – Asset (Gold) Backed Tokens

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @MrNebbiolo for his contribution!)

Status – Mobile Ethereum OS

  • Status is hiring:
    Core Contributors (ClojureScript + React Native)
    Technical & Creative Writer
  • Status cofounders Jarrad Hope and Carl Bennetts just wrapped up an interview with Arthur Falls of The Ether Review Podcast. Coming soon!
  • Status community member Andy Tudhope’s blog: [Status, Community and Language]
  • From the Swarm Gitter “@jarradh
    Status isn’t too far from Swarm support either, status-im/status-go#106
    it’ll probably happen after EDCON though and I’ll be mentioning it in our talk”

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @jarredchase__twitter  for his contribution!)

uPort – Self-Sovereign Identity

  • began discussions with the uPort team to integrate uPort into Ethlance.
  • Minor technical discussions relating to ongoing beta testing.

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @MrNebbiolo for his contribution!)

(1 Etherian Volunteer Token rewarded to @MrNebbiolo  for editing this post)




Disclaimer: All information is taken from our volunteers at face value, if you have a complaint about one of our volunteers or one of our posts please contact and we will investigate the matter. 

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